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WonPro WA-9A Universal to European Rounded Power Plug Adapter

WonPro WA-9A Universal to European Rounded Power Plug Adapter

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Going to Europe for vacations, enjoying your retirement or maybe your honeymoon? If yes, let me advise on one of the most important things you need to take for this trip, a travel plug adapter. A plug adapter will change the form of the plug from your device to make it compatible with that of the country you are visiting. European countries use different electrical sockets, so you want to be prepared.

Go head to say goodbye so, you can embrace the new Hellos that await you.

Type E for countries using type E-plug
Type F for countries using type F plug
Features of type E plug

It works well in most of the European countries & their former European countries
These type of plugs and adapters have a metal round receptacle above and amidst are the two round pins to receive the male grounding pin located on the power outlet.
Type E plugs may be used with type F sockets with no earth grounding.
Features of type F plug

Some European countries like Germany & Austria use them
They have two round, parallel pins and 2 openings on the top and bottom designed for grounding contact with the power receptacle type F.Universal grounded power plug adapter with the patented universal receptacle design that accepts plugs from most countries including the US and Canada.

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