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Toshiba 55L2450 55″ Full HD Multi-System LED TV 110-240 Volts

  • CEVO Engine
  • Intelligent Auto View
  • USB Movie
  • AMR+200
  • Football Mode
  • Auto Clean & Auto Signal Booster
  • Game Mode
  • Continous Viewing Timer

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The ideal addition to a entertainment-loving home, this Toshiba 55″ L2450 Series Full HD LED TV combines precise images and vibrant sound for a fantastic home viewing experience.

Key Features

  • Featuring an impressive Cevo engine, the Toshiba L2450 adapts the contrast and saturation of your favourite content to deliver top quality images whatever the source.
  • Perfect for the sports fan, the Toshiba 55″ L2450 Series Full HD LED TV features Football Mode which minimises loss of detail caused by spotlights or glare and fast movement and delivers realistic images, letting you feel part of the game from the comfort of your own home.
  • Enjoy clear, precise sound for a truly immersive audio experience with the Toshiba L2450’s labyrinth speaker system

Cevo Engine
Whatever your favorite content is, picture quality has a real impact on your viewing experience and the CEVO engine was developed specifically for delivery of picture reproduction as accurate to reality as possible.

Active Motion Rate
AMR is the new standard of image quality. This image-processing technology reduces motion blur and keeps up with fast-moving sports and action sequences.

Intelligent Auto View
Analysing signal and ambient lighting condition, Intelligent Auto View benchmarks and fine-tunes against reference studio monitors used by the film makers.

Continuous Viewing Timer
Encourage viewers to take appropriate eye rests by setting the break time timer to appear on the screen.

USB Movie
Feature now allows playback of most popular video formats commonly available in the market for greater sharing convenience on various model sizes

Football Mode
Fast motions, wide angle shots and panning scenes are common in football videos, causing loss of depth and detail. Football mode enhances your football game viewing experience by minimising loss of details

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