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Philips HR-1823 Daily Collection Juicer 220 Volts

  • 220 W
  • 1 speed
  • White/blue


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Shutdown due to overheating
The juicer PHILIPS HR-1823 is protected from excessive heat. When reaching a certain temperature, the motor will shutdown, and after a short period of time, it will be suitable to the operation. You will only need to immerse the device in your favorite fruits, vegetables and berries, and you get a welcome drink.

Protection against accidental operation
Household injuries with the sudden launch of the unit is not more terrible to you personally, nor your children, with the option “safety from accidentally starting” in juicers PHILIPS HR-1823/ 70. The juicer will not begin to function until you close the device properly and click on the appropriate button.

Powerful juicer
With a powerful 220 watts and cost effective juicer you have the ability to effectively and effortlessly squeeze out the juices for any taste from different healthy vegetables and fruits.

One speed mode
Device PHILIPS HR-1823 is equipped with one high-speed mode, which is quite enough for the preparation of unique and delicious juice from fresh vegetables and fruits.

Compact feed opening
In a compact aperture juicers PHILIPS HR-1823 with a diameter of 24.5 mm, you can easily place the chopped apricots, plum, small tomatoes, and sliced pears, without fear that they will get stuck in the juicer. Don’t forget to clean the vegetables and remove seeds from peaches to get very high quality and delicious beverage.

Power: 220 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Body: Plastic
1 Speed
Pulp container: 500 Ml
Jug capacity: 400 Ml
Wire: 1.2 M
Juice extractor functions: free-standing juice tank, non-slippping feet, drip-stop, integrated cord storage

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