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Grounded American or European to Grounded UK Power Plug Adapter

  • Grounded American or European to Grounded UK Power Plug Adapter

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Traveling to the UK has to be one of the most exiting places to visit. The UK is packed with amazing historical monuments, the royal palaces and of course some of the world?s most astonishing museums.

So, let us just only worried of what places to visit and not how to plug our electronic devices. The type G Grounded U.K. Power travel Plug Adapter is capable of accepting type A which is the standard grounded American plug and the type C grounded European plug. This plug is meant to be uses with grounded to grounded items only.

Type G Plugs contain 3 rectangular pins arranged in a triangle Vertically positioned pin it’s designated as ground.
Type G plugs and plug adapters are rated for 13A/250V
Our UK adapter comes equip with a 10 amp safety fuse for power cord protection and it only grounded to grounded.
Type G plugs were invented and stardized in UK after the 1940
Type G plugs are only comparable to type G outlets.
Grounded American or European adapted to Grounded U.K. Power Plug Adapter

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