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American to European Foreign Power Plug Adapter

American to European Foreign Power Plug Adapter


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Are you thinking of traveling internationally either for vacation, school or business related? You want to be prepared, right?

Technology has helped us be more connected with each other, making us feel the world is getting smaller. We simply can not imagine our selves without our cell phone, tablet or computer to mention a few. However there still a huge difference between countries, one of them is the different electrical wall outlets we all use. Power Adapter Plugs will allow us to plug our precious devices into wall outlets internationally.

The MU5 power adapter is a type C adapter. This is a Two- ping plug which is probably among the single most uses and adopted internationally. It can be inserted into Type C,E,F,H, and some Type L power outlets. The Plug is unearthed and is mainly used in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa, South America, Central Asia and the former Soviet republics.

The MU5 has all three major things a plug adapter should have; convenient size, simple to use, and a great price.

  • American to European Foreign Power Plug Adapter (Round Pin), accepts polarized plug also
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